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Sunday, July 17, 2016

At the Beginning

My name is Wile E. Young, writer by trade and voted most likely to become a supervillain in high school. The first is progressing swimmingly, the second? Well I have about 3 years until my 10 year reunion so I’m sure it will happen by then.

I’ve decided to start this blog to document the journey… that metaphorical abstract that all of us are on, all the pain, laughter, tear jerkers, and shenanigans that I’ve lived, am living, and will live through.

I’ve published a few short stories already but those were just the prelude, the warm up in preparation for the true race that is about to begin, the journey ahead.

Of course no journey is complete without a cast of characters.

Call them the Midnight Society… well I call us that at least, my closest friends who I continually bounce my ideas off of and who graciously choose not to strangle me day to day.

Their names are protected so people won’t be sending them fan mail or severed body parts but they are as follows:

Em the Slayer

There are of course more but I do not interact with them on a daily basis like these four, I’m sure as this experiment progresses, I’ll be featuring guest appearances.

Luckily this leads into the quote of the week from the Midnight Society.

Nefflix: “They have leprechauns in Scotland, I’m so in!”
Wile E. Young: “Leprechauns are Irish idiot.”             

Every one of these posts will feature a quote of the week, but this particular one concerns mythological creatures which halfway ties into the News.

Wile E. World News

Pokémon Go, for those of you who are obviously inside reading this blog instead of looking out your window at the strange people walking around in your front yard, is a new app that allows you to catch Pokémon wherever you go (this is a subpar description but it’s the best I’ve got).

I’ve had the chance to observe it and I have to say I must applaud it, people are getting exercise, they’re making friends, and crossing boundary lines that they otherwise wouldn’t cross and with all the tension in our country right now it is nice to see people of all kinds bond over virtual monsters.

I’d say all of that is worth the risk of the occasional Pikachu induced car wreck.

Turning to Horror, I’ve made significant progress this week on the One Below (Cosmic Horror meets Jaws) and a secret project I cannot comment on just yet, as soon as I’m clear to announce it I’ll bombard you with it so hard you’ll go to sleep seeing the title.

This week’s reading material is Redneck Eldritch, an anthology featuring 16 horror authors short stories of country themed cosmic horror.

It has been a little hit and miss so far but overall I’ve liked it, a full review with my personal favorites will come later.

Horror movie wise I finished a film called the Houses October Built this week, the premise excited me: a fictional investigation into extreme haunted houses that slowly goes out of control. Unfortunately the execution was lacking and I finished glad I only spent five dollars for it at a going out of business F.Y.E.

I think the reason it disappointed me the most is that I’m a writer, I look at everything and examine the story of it all, I may be at the beginning of my career but I would like to think I have an eye for a story.

At the very least an eye for my own story, which I’m honored to be able to tell as it happens to all of you.

My name is Wile E. Young and it is time to go chase the Roadrunner.

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